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CBD oil has become part of the mainstream, and many people are specifically interested in full-spectrum CBD for the multiple compounds it has. Yet, with the many CBD brands in space and each claiming to offer the best CBD, choosing a company from which to buy your CBD oil can be challenging. This article helps you know the best 2022 full-spectrum CBD oil brands in 2022.

According to a Forbes Health (2022) blog, CBD oil has become part of the mainstream, and at least 60% of US adults are using it. Of the three CBD formulations, many users find the full-spectrum CBD oil more appealing for having multiple compounds that VanDolah et al. (2019) link to a full entourage effect. Does full-spectrum CBD oil make you high? Does it show up in drug tests? Is full-spectrum CBD oil better than other versions of CBD oil? How best do you administer full-spectrum CBD oil? These are a few of the frequently asked questions about full-spectrum CBD oil, and this article helps answer these questions. 

Besides, this blog helps you know the best brands to go for to buy your full-spectrum CBD oil. Peer in it to get updated about the favorite picks for high-quality full-spectrum CBD oil. First, though, you need to understand the whole concept behind the primary compound, CBD.

More them 60% of US adults have fully embraced CBD.


It is hard to appreciate full-spectrum CBD oil without knowing CBD. The Forbes Health (2022) article shows that more than 60% of the US adults have fully embraced CBD, revealing that CBD is fast becoming popular. The trend does not seem to change, all the more why you need to know what CBD is. 

According to Massi et al. (2006) and Bauer et al. (2020), CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical compound in hemp. Hemp is one of the many cannabis plants that boast more than 100 active compounds called cannabinoids. Of the many compounds, CBD stands put party because it is non-psychoactive and does not make you high. 

Besides, according to Watt & Karl (2017), CBD is therapeutic. People want to tap into CBD therapy and are willing to embrace it in whatever delivery method it comes, including CBD oil.


While you may want to take advantage of CBD therapy, the compound is not directly absorbed into the body by the cells. Thus, manufacturers present it in the form of many delivery methods or vehicles that allow CBD to dissolve and get into the body. CBD oil is a typical example of a CBD delivery method. Simply put, it is a dilute form of CBD, featuring the cannabinoid in an oil base. CBD oil comprises a base carrier, mostly oil, such as the MCT coconut or hemp seed oil. The oil allows CBD to dissolve in it and get to the body.


CBD oil is an umbrella term with several types. There are at least three types of CBD oil, depending on the formulation of the cannabinoid. The commonest of CBD formulations is full-spectrum CBD oil. It features CBD alongside a whole range of cannabinoids in the hemp plants. Besides, it has additional compounds like terpenes and flavonoids. 

According to VanDolah et al. (2019), the multiple compounds in full-spectrum CBD oil give it a full entourage effect, claimed to be synergistic and more effective than other CBD formulations. Still, there are not enough scientific studies to prove that full-spectrum CBD oil is superior to other CBD formulations. 


Full-spectrum CBD is just one type of CBD oil, and there are two more other formulations. You can have CBD oil in the isolate-based formulation, which features 99% pure CBD. Such CBD oil has pure CBD extracts, no terpenes, flavonoids, or additional cannabinoids like CBT, CBG, or CBN. 

The other CBD formulation in CBD oils is broad-spectrum CBD oil. It is more like a full-spectrum in composition since it has multiple compounds like terpenes, flavonoids, and the whole range of cannabinoids in hemp plants. 

Still, it does not have the psychoactive THC found in full-spectrum CBD. Thus, if you need to enjoy the multiple compounds in hemp plants but have nothing to do with the psychoactive THC, you better go for the broad-spectrum formulated CBD oil.

Besides understanding how full-spectrum works, you need to know if it is effective.


CBD is a novel product and fairly new in the hemp space. Thus, it comes expensively, and you would not wish to throw your hard-earned cash down the drain. Before trying any CBD oil, you need to know how it works and whether it is effective. 

Because of the lack of studies in the CBD space, much about CBD oil, including the full-spectrum formulation, remains unknown. Still, the current understanding of how CBD oil works relies on the endocannabinoid system (ECS) theory.

According to Mechoulam & Parker (2013), the human body and life forms have a network called the ECS comprising endocannabinoids, endocannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2 receptors), and enzymes. Zou & Kumar (2018) commented that critical body processes like reproduction, sleep, mood changes, and pain management rely on the endocannabinoid system. As long as the ECS operates well, the processes are at 

equilibrium. Yet, a small imbalance in the ECS disrupts the entire system, and this is where external cannabinoids like CBD and THC come in. They interact with the system to offset the imbalance, as Eskander et al. (2020) observed. So far, it is certain that the psychoactive THC in full-spectrum CBD oil binds to the CB1 receptors. Although it is unclear how CBD interacts with the ECS, researchers believe that it is a positive interaction, as seen in the therapeutic potential of the cannabinoid confirmed by Watt & Karl (2017).


The CBD space has many companies, and almost each has CBD oil as the art of the inventory. After all, CBD oil is the primary way to deliver the cannabinoid to the body since it allows for maximum bioavailability and fast results. Knowing how hard it is to spot a brand for the best full-spectrum CBD oil, we make your work easier by sharing a list of the best full-spectrum CBD oil companies. Our criterion focuses on the following factors that you can also tap into while shopping for full-spectrum CBD oil;

Look our best CBD Full-Spectrum Brands for 2022.


  1. 3rd party testing; with the massive lack of regulation in the hemp space, the only way to prove a brand’s legitimacy is by looking at its 3rd party tests. They may reveal much about the full-spectrum CBD oil but will not leave out the cannabinoid profiles and contaminant purity.
  2. Presence of a CoA; it is not unusual for a brand to claim to conduct 3rd party tests when it actually does not do so. However, with the presence of CoA, you can tell whether the brand is genuine and how pure the full-spectrum CBD oil is.
  3. Source of hemp; we ensure that all the brands shared in this article sources the hemp for CBD manufacture from the US. While it is possible to source hemp elsewhere, US-sourced hemp is highly likely to be pure and high-quality since the US has many hemp-growing zones, including Kentucky, Colorado, and Oregon.
  4. Potency; most brands in this article feature large potency variances, ensuring CBD novices and veterans with varying CBD needs get something for themselves.
  5. Extra certifications; we also look at additional certifications, including by organizations like USDA.
  6. CBD extraction; the purity of full-spectrum CBD oil and other CBD delivery methods largely depend on the extraction method. We focus on companies whose extraction methods do not leave out solvent traces of contaminants in the CBD oil to boost the purity and safety profiles of the product.


Why do people opt for full-spectrum oil when they can go for isolate-based or broad-spectrum CBD oil. VanDolah et al. (2019) stated that the multiple compounds in full-spectrum CBD oil are responsible for a full entourage effect which is more synergistic. Most CBD fans opting for full-spectrum CBD oil want it for these very benefits. Meanwhile, CBD oil is one of the most effective ways to deliver CBD to the body regardless of the formulation. Of course, there are at least three ways to take full-spectrum CBD oil; add it to foods or beverages, administer it sublingually, or take it orally. 

Sublingual intake of full-spectrum CBD oil ensures maximum bioavailability since the blood vessels below the tongue allow the cannabinoid to get to the bloodstream almost immediately. While you can also take it orally and swallow it as you would for any liquid, oral intake delays effects since the cannabinoid is only released into the system after full digestion. Either way, you have to feel the bitterness of full-spectrum CBD oil, whether you take it orally or sublingually.


Since many people are into full-spectrum CBD oil, it is almost possible to think it has no flaws. Yet, this delivery method also faces flaws, and you must contend with them if full-spectrum CBD oil is your ideal delivery method. For the most part, you must handle the earthiness that comes with the oil. All hemp products are earthy, but the degree of earthiness depends on the brand and the base carrier. 

Besides, CBD oils and tinctures are generally bitter and oral, and sublingual intakes make you feel the bitterness. If you choose to take full-spectrum CBD oil by adding it to your food or drinks, you may successfully mask the bitterness and earthiness. Yet, you must be ready to compromise on the effects. As the full-spectrum CBD oil goes through the digestive tract, it loses potency. Besides, adding the cannabinoid to food means that the body can only feel its effects after digestion, ultimately meaning that the effects last longer with adding CBD oil to food.

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Besides understanding how full-spectrum CBD oil works, you need to know if it is effective. Admittedly, CBD studies are limited in scope, and it is impossible to gauge the effectiveness of the cannabinoid. Much depends on individuals who are taking the cannabinoid. 

Like any other compound, the response may vary from person to person, and while one user might find full-spectrum CBD oil effective, another might find it less efficient for one reason or another.  CBD doesn’t get you high. It’s make you health”

All factors left constant, studies believe in the effectiveness of CBD oil, regardless of the formulation. Watt & Karl (2017) find the cannabinoid therapeutic, and many other studies relate it to one benefit or another. Yet, we advise people to consult a doctor before trying full-spectrum CBD oil or any delivery method for the cannabinoid.


Are you ready to go shopping for full-spectrum CBD oil? Here are the top 25 best full-spectrum CBD oil companies you can visit for high-quality CBD. They certainly have one or two flaws, but they tick most boxes for the best CBD;


The JustCBD store is a Florida-based CBD company that has been in the hemp space since 2017. Its years of experience give you confidence in its full-spectrum CBD oils that come in many flavors, including Lemongrass, Peach Nectar, and Mint Chocolate. They come in a wide potency ranges, from 50 mg to 5000 mg, providing something for CBD novices and vets. They cost $9.99- $44.99, which is affordable in the hemp space.


Half Day CBD has been in operation since 2018. The many years of experience mean the brand has won its’ trust. Over the years, Buzzfeed, the Chicago Magazine Reader, and other magazines have featured it as the best CBD brand. Although its CBD oils come in one flavor option for Natural, the wide 500- 2000 mg potency ranges allow variety. CBD novices and veterans can find their favorite full-spectrum CBD oil from the brand.


With a price range of $39.99- $129.99, FAB CBD may seem to price its full-spectrum CBD oils expensively. Yet, considering the high quality of the CBD oil by this brand, you rest assured of getting value for every penny. The full-spectrum CBD oils come in multiple flavors, including Mint, Natural, and Citrus. All the oils are 3rd party tested, and the CoA for the lab tests are posted online for easy viewership. The potency range is 300- 2400 mg, providing something for novices and vets.


With Premium Jane full-spectrum CBD oil, you are assured of taking in high-quality full-spectrum CBD oil made from Kentucky hemp. They come in 300- 2400 mg CBD potencies, allowing CBD users with varying CBD potency needs to have something. The oils sell for $48- $129, which might seem expensive. However, they are worth the price and are 3rd party tested. The lab results are available online, and you can easily access them with one click away.


As the name suggests, CBD Pure offers nothing but the best and purest full-spectrum CBD oil. The brand sources its hemp from Colorado for CBD oils and uses the cleanest extraction method, ensuring no solvents remain in the extracts. Besides, the brand conducts 3rd party tests and posts the results online. Although the oils are only naturally flavored, they feature a wide potency range of 300- 1000 mg CBD and are affordable with a $29.99- $79.99 price range.


At CannaFyl, you get many full-spectrum CBD oil options to explore. There are many flavor options, including orange, peppermint, and mint. Besides, the large price range of $29.95- $199.95 means that CBD users with varying purchasing power can find something that matches their standards. Besides, veterans and novices have their right full-spectrum CBD oil since the brand has a large potency range of 500 mg- 2500 of CBD.


NuLeaf Naturals is one of the best CBD brands that you can visit for full-spectrum CBD oil. Whether you need something less potent or strong, the brand has your back covered with its 300- 6000 mg CBD potency. Besides, the large price range of $29.99- $399.99 provided for all CBD users with varying purchasing powers. The brand conducts rigorous 3rd party tests whose results reveal that the oils have no contaminants. 


Although many brands prefer bulk production of CBD, Healthy Roots is keen to produce its full-spectrum CBD oil in small batches. This ensures that the CBD oils are high in quality, as the 3rd party test results reveal. Besides, the company offers something for veterans and novices through its 500 mg- 3000 mg CBD potency range. They come in different flavors, including Peppermint, Natural, and Citrus.


At FOCO Organics, the client’s health is the focal point. The company ensures that its full-spectrum CBD oils are pure, as revealed by the CoA available online. The Hemp + Heart line reminds the brand of its commitment to offer its clients nothing but the best possible CBD. The CBD oils cost $40- $128 and come in varying potencies, 500- 2500 mg CBD for CBD novices and veterans.


Green Roads is one of the largest CBD companies. Its full-spectrum CBD oils are affordable and cost $2.99- $149.99. Although they feature only natural flavors, they are high-quality, and 3rd party tested. The CoA are available online, and a simple click allows you to view them. The brand also produces its full-spectrum CBD oil in small batches, ensuring that the final products are high-quality.


Ojai Energetics is one of the community-founded brands that produce high-quality CBD oils. Their oils are 3rd party tested, and the results are posted online. Still, the brand’s full-spectrum CBD oils are expensive since they start at $74.95. The flavors are limited to Hemp Helix and Acerola, and the latter offers an authentic taste.


Lazarus Naturals is one of the most successful CBD distributors. It has one of the largest CBD inventory with full-spectrum CBD oil and almost every other delivery method. Its full-spectrum CBD oils come in many flavors, including Yuzu, Blood Orange, Classic, and Natural. They are great for masking the bitter taste of CBD oil. Besides, the large 300- 6000 mg CBD potency range means novices and veterans have something.


The Green River Botanicals produces high-quality full-spectrum CBD oils with MCT oil for maximum bioavailability. They come in the 500 mg- 3000 mg CBD potency range, taking care of novices and veterans. The $20- $110 price range means CBD users with varying purchasing powers can get the potency choice they desire.


Charlotte’s Web is yet another CBD brand dealing in high-quality full-spectrum CBD oil. At a price range of $23.99- $399.00, the brand takes care of CBD clients with varying purchasing power. They come in multiple flavors, including Lemon Twist, Mint Chocolate, and Blossom Orange. The potency range is wide and varies from 170 mg to 6000 mg CBD. 


Lion X sells its full-spectrum CBD oil for $48 upward. Of course, this is higher than other CBD brands. However, considering the quality of the CBD oils, you notice that the oil is worth every one of your penny. The test results show that the full-spectrum CBD oils have no contaminants. The brand’s oil features natural flavors in 500 mg CBD potency, strong enough for novices who need long-lasting effects.


Seabedeee sells its full-spectrum CBD oil at $115- $185, which might seem expensive. However, as you pay for the cannabinoid, rest assured that each of your pence count. For instance, the brand employs a clean extraction method that ensures no traces remain in the CBD oil. Besides, the 1500 mg- 3000 mg potency range is ideal for veterans. If you are not new to CBD and enjoy strong CBD oil, the Seabedeee full-spectrum CBD oils will meet your needs.


Lily CBD provides full-spectrum CBD oils in 500- 1500 mg, allowing novices and veterans to have a choice. They come in flavored options for peppermint, citrus, and unflavored, ensuring that those who need unflavored and flavored CBD oil get their picks. Besides, they are vegan-friendly and non-GMO, which is ideal, considering the many controversies around the genetic modification of CBD products.


With a price range of $38-68- $53.68, LiftMode Hemp is one of the CBD brands with the most affordable CBD oils. The company offers full-spectrum oils in many flavored options, including frankincense, black seed, and lavender. They are 3rd party tested, and the results ate posted online. The potency range is 500 mg- 3000 mg, wide enough to feature in veterans and novices.


At Flora Sophia Botanicals, you get high-quality CBD oils with a full-spectrum formulation in unflavored, cherry, berry, and peppermint flavor options. The potency range of 500 mg- 2100 mg factors in novices and veterans, and the $35- $135 price range provides for CBD clients with varying purchasing powers.


Papa & Barkley offers some of the best prices for full-spectrum CBD oils. They sell them for $19- $99, ideal for CBD clients with varying CBD needs. They come in multiple flavors, including Natural, Lemongrass, and Ginger. The CoA for 3rd party lab tests are available online and reveal that the oils are gluten and soy-free.


FOCL Premium full-spectrum CBD oils come with a dropper that ensures high-precision dosing of CBD oil. The brand’s oils are flavored and include lemonade, orange, and mint flavors. They leave no aftertaste, making them ideal for oral and sublingual intakes.


CBDistillery full-spectrum CBD oil sells for $20- $240, a range-wide enough to accommodate CBD users with varying purchasing powers. The brand also boasts a large potency range of 150- 5000 mg for novices and vets. The brand helps its clients save up to 20% off total purchases through its subscription plan. 


Although Five CBD is only a young player in the CBD space, it gives you every reason to trust it. It has a military vet arrangement that allows for discounts. Besides, the 1500 mg- 6000 mg CBD potency range provides for veterans and novices. The company offers full-spectrum CBD oil in many flavors, including chocolate, mint, and citrus. 


cbdMed is one of the largest CBD players. It features a large CBD inventory with many products, including full-spectrum CBD oil. Its oils are potent, and every drop delivers 12.5 mg of CBD. Besides, the brand uses all-natural ingredients to manufacture its CBD oils, boosting its safety profile.


Full-spectrum CBD oil is one of the commonest ways to deliver CBD to the system. It features pure CBD alongside the whole range of cannabinoids in the hemp plants. Besides, it has terpenes and flavonoids, and the synergy of these compounds adds to a full entourage effect. 

You can take full-spectrum CBD oil orally, sublingually, or add it to foods and beverages. Still, sublingual administration stands to be the most effective way of taking CBD since the blood vessels below the tongue ensure CBD reaches the bloodstream almost instantly for fast effects. 

This article shares all you need to know about full-spectrum CBD oil. Besides, it shares a list of the best 25 full-spectrum CBD oil brands. Peering into it equips you with all the information you need to go shopping for full-spectrum CBD oil.

Frequently Asked Questions about Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

Whether you are new to CBD or have been using the cannabinoid for some time, you may not know everything about the cannabinoid. This section addresses most questions people often ask about full-spectrum CBD oil and related concerns. They include;

You can take CBD oil orally, sublingually, or add it to your food and drinks. Still, the best way to take the cannabinoid is sublingual administration. It allows the blood vessels below the tongue to deliver CBD to the bloodstream fast and allow the effects to surface in no time. Meanwhile, oral intake of CBD oil or adding it to foods and drinks means that the CBD oil goes through digestion, delaying the CBD effects. Besides, you do not feel the bitterness of CBD oil with sublingual intake as much as with oral intake.

Many brands ensure that MCT coconut oil is part of the full-spectrum CBD oil ingredient list. Its primary role is to boost the bioavailability of CBD. The cannabinoid easily dissolves in the oil and gets to the system fast, allowing the effects to surface quickly.

First, it is worth noting that taking CBD oil for whatever reason is a personal choice. CBD is like a supplement, but the FDA has not approved it for treating or curing any condition. 

Besides, CBD studies are limited, and even when research sees potential in then cannabinoid helping with this or that, there is not enough evidence to prove that full-spectrum CBD oil can indeed help with the claims. 

According to García-Gutiérrez et al. (2020), CBD can fight depression, stress, and anxiety, all the more why people take it for stress. Besides, according to Silote et al. (2019), CBD is better than conventional antidepressants. Still, we look forward to more scientific evidence before recommending CBD oil for depression or anxiety.

Many people would lie to take full-spectrum CBD oil but fear it because it is earthy or bitter. The oil is certainly bitter and earth, and taking it means knowing how to manage this. One way to make the bitter taste of the cannabinoid is to go for flavored options. The brands discussed in this blog feature multiple fruity flavors, including orange, lemon, mint, and chocolate, which try to mask CBD taste. 

Alternatively, you can out the oil in your favorite food or drink, although this delays the effects. Still, you can put the CBD oil in an empty cap or opt for CBD capsules. You will have masked the earthiness and bitterness successfully, but the effects will take time to come. Other CBD fans opt for CBD gummies, chocolates, honey sticks, and other edibles. 

These are great for delivering CBD oil with taste and flavor but delay the effects. Thus, it’s upon you to choose your compromise, whether you will take the bitter CBD oil and feel the taste or take the alternatives and delay CBD effects.

CBD oils are quite popular, and many CBD users take them to manage pain. However, whether the cannabinoid can actually manage pain remains questionable. Commenting on CBD studies on the cannabinoid helping with pain from 1975 to 2018, Vučković et al. (2018) stated that CBD could help with chronic pain, including cancer, fibromyalgia, and neuropathy. 

People take full-spectrum CBD oil for pain, chronic and acute. Besides, according to Shannon et al. (2019), CBD oil can fight pain, sleep issues, and anxiety, especially through its interaction with the 5- HI TA receptors. Yet, there is not just enough scientific evidence to bank on and state that CBD treats pain. 

Among the many things you need to know about full-spectrum CBD oil is how long it takes for the effects to kick in. Interestingly, there is no exact time it takes for CBD to produce desired effects for all CBD users. One user may experience the effects of the cannabinoid in a short while, but another person might need to wait for long before the cannabinoid takes effect. 

The faster your CBD metabolism, the faster the CBD oil takes to produce the desired effects. Besides, the potency of full-spectrum CBD oil, how much of the cannabinoid you are taking, and CBD experience come to play in determining how long the cannabinoid takes to kick in.

When starting the CBD regime, you need to keep the full-spectrum CBD amounts low. This allows the body time to incorporate the cannabinoid, and after some time, you may be able to up the dosages. Besides, many other factors come to play in determining how much CBD in a full-spectrum formulation you can take. 

For instance, the potency of the oil, why you are taking it, and the severity of the condition for which you are taking CBD oil matter.

When you are going to shop for full-spectrum CBD oil, you need to understand the concept of CBD potency. This is the quotient of the total CBD concentration and the CBD volume. For instance, if you buy a 3000 mg CBD concentrated full-spectrum oil in a 300 ml bottle, the cannabinoid is 100 mg/ml potent. 

There are three types of CBD potencies; high, medium, and low. Anything less than 30 mg/ml is deemed as low, while 30 mg/ml upward is medium- or high-potency. Low-potency options are great for CBD novices who are taking CBD for the first time, while veterans are better with medium- and high-potency full-spectrum CBD oils. 

Besides, the latter helps you save on purchases since you only need a little to feel the desired effects. Still, the may be hard to dose.

How long CBD effects take to surface affects how long they will last. If you experience the effects fast, the chances are high that they will not last long. Your activity level also affects how long the effects will stay. You do not expect CBD effects to last long if you are active; the cannabinoid gets to work fast. 

The other factor determining how long CBD effects last once they surface is the full-spectrum CBD oil potency. The more potent the oil, the more volatile the CBD compounds, and the longer you expect the effects to last. 


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