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Delta-8 is becoming more popular since it is neither psychoactive as delta- 9 and strikes a balance between the latter and CBD. This article helps you find the best delta- 8  to go for 2022 and avoid delivering the cannabinoid with a heavy hemp taste.

Other studies show that it is therapeutic, and people take it for pain, anxiety, and sleep, among many other challenges.


“Delta- 8 THC edibles come with taste and flavor.”

If you want a cannabinoid that provides some benefits with mild psychoactive effects, delta- 8 should be your ideal choice.

Unlike delta- 9, it is only mildly psychoactive, yet it provides the health benefits linked to other cannabinoids, CBD included. Edibles are becoming popular as a method to enjoy the health benefits of cannabinoids.


“Choosing the Best Delta- 8” 

They are flexible and allow you to measure out doses, scaling them down or increasing them as need be. Besides, delta- 8 THC edibles come with taste and flavor, and unlike delta- 8 oils and tinctures with a hemp taste characteristic of hemp compounds, they allow you to enjoy every step of the process. 

Yet, finding the best delta- 8 edibles, including cookies, gummies, and lollipops, is never easy, considering the many brands in the hemp space.

This article makes your quest to enjoy delta- 8 edibles easy and helps you know the best edible options you can go for to enjoy delta- 8. It also looks at the commonly asked questions about delta- 8 edibles, including their benefits, cons, whether they make one high, and if you can fail a drug taste because of taking them. 

Peer into this article for well-researched answers that will help you sally forth successfully in the delta- 8 world.


First thing, you need to know delta- 8 as a compound before looking at delta- 8 edibles. Cannabis plants like hemp and marijuana have multiple active chemical compounds called cannabinoids. Although some cannabinoids have unique properties, some share similar properties across the body. 

CBD and THC are two of the commonest cannabinoids. According to Massi et al. (2006) and Bauer et al. (2020), CBD is non-psychoactive, one reason behind its uniqueness. It does not make one high. Meanwhile, according to Schlienz et al. (2018), THC is psychoactive, and taking it in any delivery method leaves you feeling high. There are many THC variants, and delta- 8 is one. According to Casajuana et al. (2018), delta- 8 THC has a psychoactive effect, although it is milder in action than delta- 9, another THC variant.

“Delta- 8 THC edibles come with taste and flavor.”


According to Chan-Hosokawa et al. (2022), delta- 8 has therapeutic properties. It is more like CBD, which according to Watt & Karl (2017), features therapeutic properties. Delta- 8 edibles have many fans who want to tap into the delta- 8 therapy. 

Edibles, specifically, are food-like delivery methods that allow you to benefit from delta- 8 therapy. Food-like nature means you take them through the mouth. They are anything from the delta- 8 gummies, nuggets, cookies, brownies, lollipops, and more. They come with flavor and taste, allowing you to enjoy delta- 8 in style.



Before spending your hard-earned cash on delta- 8 edibles, you need to appreciate their benefits. After all, because of the novelty of cannabinoids and the legal issues surrounding them, they are expensive, making it more necessary to appreciate their benefits before going for them. For the most part, delta- 8 edibles allow you to take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of delta- 8, which Chan-Hosokawa et al. (2022) allude to. 

Besides, they come in flavor and taste, allowing you to take advantage of delta- 8 in the sweetest way possible. The dosage flexibility coming with delta- 8 edibles is also something you cannot ignore. For instance, if you need a little delta- 8, you can reduce the number of edibles you take. Meanwhile, more delta- 8 edibles mean taking more delta- 8 THC. As if this is not enough, delta- 8 edibles are portable and discreet. 

You can carry them along the way you do for any edible; there is no risk of spillage. Besides, you can enjoy delta- 8 benefits with the edibles without unnecessarily drawing attention. Aren’t they like any other edibles?

“Choosing the Best Delta- 8” 

They are flexible and allow you to measure out doses, scaling them down or increasing them as need be. Besides, delta- 8 THC edibles come with taste and flavor, and unlike delta- 8 oils and tinctures with a hemp taste characteristic of hemp compounds, they allow you to enjoy every step of the process. 

Yet, finding the best delta- 8 edibles, including cookies, gummies, and lollipops, is never easy, considering the many brands in the hemp space.

This article makes your quest to enjoy delta- 8 edibles easy and helps you know the best edible options you can go for to enjoy delta- 8. 

It also looks at the commonly asked questions about delta- 8 edibles, including their benefits, cons, whether they make one high, and if you can fail a drug taste because of taking them. Peer into this article for well-researched answers that will help you sally forth successfully in the delta- 8 world.


With the many perks around delta- 8 edibles, they may seem like the best method to enjoy delivering CBD to the body, and one may easily think that they are flawless. Yet, this is not the case. Like any other delivery method, they have flaws. For instance, while they allow dosage flexibility, they come with the temptation to snack. 

Imagine some hot delta- 8 cookies in the afternoon when you are famished? You may find yourself eating more than the intended amounts and overdosing delta- 8 THC when too much of something is never the way to go. Besides, delta- 8 THC must be digested first for the delta- 8 effects to surface. 

The more the cannabinoid takes in the digestive tract, the more it loses its potency, and by the time the delta- 8 reaches the system, it is less potent and less psychoactive. Besides, the effects are delayed as delta- 8 edibles go through digestion. Meanwhile, delta- 8 tinctures and oils may not be the best delivery method in taste, but they allow the delta- 8 cannabinoid to reach the system fast and kick in. therefore, in choosing delta- 8 delivery methods, choose your struggle well.


If you are new to the delta- 8 regimen, you may wonder how to take the delta- 8 edibles. They are food-like, so the main delivery method is ingestion. For instance, talking about delta- 8 cookies and brownies, you need to read the instructions on how many you can enjoy. 

With this knowledge, you are set to enjoy the cookie or brownie, and all you have to do is bite the cookie or brownie until it is done. As for delta- 8 lollipops, you suck them the way you do for other lollipops. Besides, there is nothing to worry about; the labels on the delta- 8 edibles have instructions on how to take the edibles, and you can always find your way around.


One question many people mean to ask is how delta- 8 edibles work. Admittedly, studies on various cannabinoids are limited, primarily because of the legal actions surrounding them. However, the basic understanding of how cannabinoids work is based on the network called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). According to Mechoulam & Parker (2013), human beings and life forms have an ECS comprised of endocannabinoids, endocannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2), and enzymes that aid in the endocannabinoid production. 

As long as the ECS operates well, critical processes that depend on it are n equilibrium. Yet, there are cases of imbalance that disrupt the endocannabinoid function, and this is where the external cannabinoids like THC and its variants come in. Mechoulam & Parker (2013) noted that THC binds to the CB1 and CB1 receptors and fuels the production of endocannabinoids, slowly offsetting the initial imbalance. 

Delta- 8 THC is a THC variant and operates more or less similarly. Still, more studies are needed to show that the ECS is a real system and that its interaction with external cannabinoids can be rewarding.


Do you want to join the delta- 8 regime and make delta- 8 cannabinoids your ideal delivery method? You certainly want to know if they are effective. As far as taste and flavor are of concern, edibles are the ideal option you would go for. 

Yet, they have compromised bioavailability, and as long as you are opting for them, be ready for delayed delivery of delta- 8 cannabinoid. 

Besides, Chan-Hosokawa et al. (2022) related that there is therapy in delta- 8 cannabinoid, regardless of the delivery method. Therefore, although delta- 8 edibles are not as effective as other delivery methods, they still allow you to take advantage of the cannabinoid. 

Besides, consumer reviews show that people are enjoying delta- 8 edibles and experiencing the benefits linked to the cannabinoid through the edibles.


Like CBD edibles, there are many delta- 8 edible options you may want to for. With the many brands in place and each claiming to offer the best product, buying delta- 8 edibles can be hell on earth. Our criteria for choosing delta- 8 edibles looked at the following factors;

  1. Source of delta- 8; delta- 8 and other cannabinoids can come from hemp or other cannabis plants. However, to be legal at the federal level, they must be hemp-sourced.
  2. Origin of hemp; we do not only look at the source of delta- 8 but its origin. Our list features delta- 8 edibles made from US-sourced hemp grown in line with the US Hemp Authority standards.
  3. THC concentration; according to the Farm Bill of 2018, hemp derivatives are federally legal as long as they have 0.3% THC, and we consider this in listing the best delta- 8 edibles.
  4. 3rd party tests; the cannabinoid industry is largely unregulated, and the only way to gauge the authenticity of a brand is to check its 3rd party, which happens to be a concern in this article.
  5. Presence of a CoA; word of mouth is not enough in the delta- 8 industry; we need the CoA to prove that a brand indeed conducts 3rd party tests, and this article features products whose CoA are available online.
  6. Reputation and customer feedback; we also look at the brand’s website for a reputation and what clients say about the products.

Not only is delta 8 THC a potent relaxant that can relieve stress, but it can also improve your focus and sleep patterns, ease pain, reduce anxiety, boost appetite, and relieve nausea and vomiting


With the basic information above on delta- 8 edibles, you must be ready to go shopping. We make your work easy by sharing the following the list below of the best delta- 8 edibles;

JustDelta- 8: Sour Gummies Outburst


The JustDelta- 8 is a subsidiary under the umbrella of the great JustCBD store. The 5 years of experience in the hemp space give you confidence in the brand. The Sour gummy outbursts are like the adult version of sweet candies. 

They are sweet and delicious, with a nice tint of sour. People go for delta- 8 edibles to avoid the hemp taste in delta- 8 oils and tinctures, which is what the JustDelta 8 sour gummy outbursts provide; they have zero hemp taste. Instead, they feature great flavors such as apple green, raspberry, and strawberry. 

Like other products by the brand, the sour gummy outbursts are 3rd party tested, and the results are posted online for easy viewership.

Delta- 8 Extrax – Fruit Punch Delta- 8 Shots 


Formerly called Delta – 8 Effex, Extrax is ne the great brands you want to visit for your delta- 8 edibles. The brand offers many products, but Reddit mentions the Fruit Punch delta- 8 shots as the best of all time. 

According to VanDolah et al. (2019), multiple compounds in hemp plants give them a synergistic effect. At Extrax, the delta- 8 shots are formulated with terpenes and many other compounds and are linked to a full entourage effect. 

Besides, the brand uses 100% organic hemp in making the shots, and the ingredients are more than clean. The online 3rd party tests show much the brand is determined to offer quality products. 

Exhale- Delta- 8 Gummies 


Do you want to save on purchases while enjoying delta- 8? Exhale delta- 8 gummies should be your favorite pick. The brand has multiple ways to help clients save on cash. 

For instance, new buyers get 25% off all purchases, and subscribing to the brand’s plans allows you to get 20% off each sale. Talking about its gummies, they are among the best you may have. They are vegan, clean, non-GMO, and have no allergens. 

Besides, they are not oversugared like other delta- 8 edibles by most brands. Yet, if you are unsatisfied with what the company offers, the 30-day money-back guarantee allows you to return the orders and request an exchange or replacement. 

3 Chi- Delta- 8 Chocolate Chip Cookies 


Like Exhale edibles, 3 Chi chocolate chip cookies are vegan. Each delivers 50 mg delta- 8 and is potent. Thus, you only need to tale one to feel the high effects of delta- 8 THC. 

Therefore, you can save on costs by buying the 3 Chi delta- 8 cookies. 

The ultimate goal of opting for edibles is to enjoy cannabinoids in taste and flavor; these cookies do not disappoint. 

They have a great chocolate flavor with the characteristic dryness of buttery cookies and are just a while vibe. They are also potent since each delivers 25 mg of delta- 8 THC.

Diamond CBD- Mango Delta- 8 Lollipops


Diamond CBD is known for high-quality CBD products, but its delta- 8 options are not disappointing either. 

The delta- 8 mango lollipops are cool, and sucking them gives you the high, uplifting effect relatable to eating mangoes in hot summer. Besides, each lollipop delivers 25 mg of delta- 8 THC, which comes slowly. If you are after delta- 8 edibles that release delta- 8 slowly and allow for long-lasting effects, the mango delta- 8 lollipops are definitely great for you. 

The company also offers free shipping for all orders, and subscribing to its plans allows you to save as much as 70% on every purchase.

BudPop- Delta- 8 Gelato Gummies 


BudPop gummies are everyone’s favorite pick if you enjoy delta- 8 gummies. Each delivers 25 mg of delta- 8 THC, which is potent enough. 

According to the brand’s website, you need 1 gummy as a starring dose. Besides, you can refrigerate the gummies if you want them to stay for long. 

A jar of the delta- 8 gummies feature 20 pieces; by the time they are finished, you will be attesting how great they are. 

The company runs 3rd party tests, and the results are posted online for your viewership.

Canna Kings- Cheesies CrunchY


Canna Kings calls itself the king of the canna world for every reason. It offers high-quality delta- 8 cheesies, conducts 3rd party tests for them and posts them online for easy viewership. 

Despite their quality, they have dairy milk, making them non-vegan. Yet, for non-vegans, the crunchy cheesies are worth every penny one pays. 

A typical bag features 20 cheesies and has a total of 150 mg delta- 8 THC. You can have 1 or 2 without feeling guilty.

Premium Jane- Mango delta- 8 Gummies


Premium Jane is one of the hemp brands that will help you save on purchases. It offers 30% off every purchase to all users who have subscribed to its plan. 

Besides, the company offers free shipping to all orders, regardless of the value, allowing you to save on each purchase. 

Its delta- 8 THC gummies are sweet and delicious, allowing you to enjoy the cannabinoid’s effects in style. 

Each gummy delivers 25 mg of delta- 8 THC and is potent enough for beginners and veterans alike.

Habor City Hemp- Delta- 8 Peanut Butter Nuggets

Habor City Hemp- Delta- 8 Peanut Butter Nuggets

The buttery peanut butter flavor leaves you asking for more, which is what the Habor City Hemp’s nuggets promise. 

They are sweet, warm, delicious, and greatly blended with a peanut butter flavor. 

They come in packs of 3 or 9, allowing you to choose an  option that saves your hard-earned cash. 

Each nugget delivers 25 mg of delta- 8 THC, made from 100% pure hemp.

PureKana- Delta- 8 THC Gummies


PureKana is one of the best CBD retailers, and its delta- 8 line is no joke. It features high-quality delta- 8 gummies, each delivering 20 mg delta-8 THC. 

A pack carries 600 mg delta- 8 THC, and the gummies are 30 in the pack. 

Through the 30-day money-back guarantee, the brand allows dissatisfied clients to return the orders and ask for refunds or exchanges. 

The gummies are butter-rich, homemade, and the 100% pure ingredients allow you to get worth for every penny you put into the gummies.

Bay Smokes- Delta- 8 Brownie Fudge Rainbow 

Bay Smokes- Delta-8 Brownie Fudge Rainbown

A bag of these great edibles has 600 mg delta- 8 THC, and the recommended serving is ¼ of the bag to help you feel the high effect of delta- 8 THC and still keep things under control. According to the brand’s website, you can take more after 2 hours to feel the effects again. 

The company offers free shipping, helping its clients save on costs. Besides, in the event of dissatisfaction, the money-back guarantee allows clients to return the orders and ask for exchanges or refunds.

The Hemp Doctor- Delta- 8 THC Bombs

The Hemp Doctor- Delta- 8 THC Bombs

Do you like chewy candies? The Hemp Doctor delta- 8 THC are chewy candy you take to enjoy delta- 8 effects in flavor and taste. They come in multiple flavors, including grapes, lemons, oranges, strawberry, and raspberry. 

Each bob offers 5 mg of delta- 8 THC, which is less potent, leaving you free to enjoy 4 or 5 bombs without an iota of guilt. 

They come in pouches of 10 or 30, and you can start with the former as you try to establish your stamina in the delta- 8 space as a beginner.

Vida Optima- Delta- 8 Creamy Caramel

Vida Optima- Delt-8 Creamy Caramel

With Vida Optima delta- 8 creamy caramels, you deliver delta- 8 cannabinoid to the body slowly. The website states that these edibles release delta- 8 cannabinoid at a slow pace, allowing you to enjoy long-lasting effects. 

Each edible has 10 mg of delta- 8 THC, which is great for starters. The 30-day money-back guarantee is a provision that allows you to return the orders if you feel dissatisfied with them. 

The company also has a subscription plan through which you get up to 20% off total purchases.

Finest Labs – delta- 8 edibles

FINEST LABS - Delta-8 Edibles

Although Finest Labs is only a young player in the hemp space, its delta- 8 edibles ate among the best you can find. Each delivers 25 mg of delta- 8 THC, suiting veterans and newcomers. 

You can save up to 15% on every purchase through the company’s subscription plan. 

Besides, the more the products you buy from the brand, the better deals you get. The all-natural strawberry-flavored edibles are all you need to enjoy the high effect of delta- 8 THC.  

Tree Top- Delta- 8 Gummies 

Tree Top Delta-8 Gummies

Another great brand to opt for and enjoy delta- 8 through edibles is Tree Top. According to Reddit, Tree Top is one of the most reputable delta- 8 brands. 

Besides, the review section shows that clients are satisfied with the gummies. Each offers 10 mg delta- 8 THC, which is great for beginners who want long-lasting effects. 

They come in multiple flavored options, including sour snakes, peach, and watermelon.


Delta- 8 edibles are food-like options for delivering delta- 8 to the body. They include delta- 8 lollipops, cookies, brownies, nuggets, and gummies.

Many cannabinoid fans find them effective at letting you enjoy delta- 8 effects with flavor and taste. 

Besides, they allow for dosage flexibility since you can increase or reduce them as need be. However, they delay delta- 8 THC delivery as they go through the digestive system. Since they are THC variants, they will make you high and show up in drug tests. 

Thus, you must avoid them altogether if you are anticipating a drug test soon.

Since they easily make a person feel high, you must go slow in them, choosing low-potency options and eating only a few.

The temptation to snack with delta- 8 edibles is great, but you must control it to keep the high effect within its boundaries.

This article is about the best delta- 8 edibles and helps you know what to opt for if you need the mild high effect of delta- 8. The many delta- 8 brands make it challenging to choose the best edibles to go for, but we help make your quest easy. Our criterion focuses on the hemp source, its origin, 3rd party tests, the presence of a CoA for proof of 3rd party tests, and company reputation.

All discussed in the blog are the common questions people ask about delta- 8 edibles. Peer into this article for well-researched information about delta- 8 THC edibles. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Delta- 8 Edibles

Whether you are new to delta- 8 edibles or have been taking them for a while, you likely have one or more concerns. Getting to know the well-researched answers about delta- 8 cannabinoids clears each doubt you may have about the cannabinoid. Here are some of the many questions people have about delta- 8 edibles;

There are many food-like options for enjoying delta- 8. You can go for delta- 8 gummies, lollipops, cookies, and more, as shared in this article. Surprisingly, no one delivery method is better than the other. They are all sweet and delicious, and even if you need natural flavors without additives, the brands in this article got you covered. Besides, as far as delayed delivery of delta- 8 is concerned, all the edibles are affected since they go through the digestive system.

Many newcomers and people who are interested in delta- 8 edibles ask whether delta- 8 edibles can make you high. Remember, delta-8 is a variant of the psychoactive THC. Psychoactive means delta- 8 and other THC variants have a high effect. 

Thus, delta- 8 edibles will make you feel high, although the effect is not as equipotent as the stronger THC variants. Following the psychoactive nature of delta- 8 edibles, you need to take it slow with the edibles. 

Another critical concern to address about delta- 8 edibles is whether they show up in drug tests. Of course, they do. Blood tests look for THC or its variants. Delta- 8 is a THC variant, and its edibles have THC metabolites. 

If you are anticipating a drug test in the future, go slow on the delta- 8 edibles. They are sweet, delicious, and come in multiple options, but they are not worth it if they will make it impossible for you to ace drug tests.

First thing, delta- 8 and delta- 9 are THC variants, and both come from hemp and marijuana. Yet, they are different in bonding strength, resulting in significant differences in effects. According to Chan-Hosokawa et al. (2022), delta- 8 is less potent -than delta- 9. The molecules in delta- 9 bonds more strongly than delta- 8, hence the mild psychoactive effects on delta- 9 THC. Nonetheless, they are THC variants, and taking them will make you high. Thus even when you fancy delta- 8 edible, go slow on them to control the high effect.

The companies behind the delta- 8 edibles discussed in this article highly praise them for this or that. In fact, some come out clean on the website and claim that the edibles can help with pain, anxiety, sleep issues, and focus problems. Does this mean that delta- 8 edibles are medicinal and that you can take them to feel better? Chan-Hosokawa et al. (2022) stated that delta- 8 THC is therapeutic. However, the limited delta- 8 THC studies mean that we need more research on the same, at least before recommending delta- 8 for treating anything.

Delta- 8 edibles come in many options, including flavor and taste. Besides, you can also have them with different strengths. Yet, the potency concept is one of the most challenging to come through and decide what to work with. It denotes the total cannabinoid concentration divided by all the units, like the number of cookies in a container. 

Generally, if you are new to cannabinoids like delta- 8 THC, sticking to low potencies until you are used to them is the best way to go. Meanwhile, veteran delta- 8 THC users may be well at home with high potency options when taking delta- 8 edibles. If you are managing a condition with delta- 8 edibles, you might also be compelled to work with high potency options that a user who us on delta- 8 edibles to boost his quality of life. 

Other than potency, people are also concerned about how many delta- 8 cookies, brownies, lollipops, and other edibles they need to take. Like potency, many factors come to play in determining the number of edibles one needs. Your delta- 8 THC experience is of concern; the more you are used to delta- 8 edibles, the more you may feel comfortable exploring many edibles. Besides, the potency of the edibles matter. 

For instance, you may only take one cookie with 50 mg delta- 8 THC and feel the desired effects. Meanwhile, if the cookies were 5 or 10 mg potent, you would take 3 or 4 without feeling guilty. Still, the general rule of thumb with delta- 8 edibles is to take them slow with potency and amounts.

If you fancy delta- 8 edibles and would not do without them, you are likely concerned about how to boost your chances of acing drug tests after them. Some people claim that taking water before the tests make you highly likely to ace the tests. However, you cannot flash out THC metabolites from your body. The only surest way to ace your drug tests is to avoid delta- 8 edibles altogether. Besides, CBD edibles may also disintegrate to produce THC or its metabolites, and you need to avoid them if you mean to pass your drug tests.

One thing you may need to know about delta- 8 THC edibles is how long they take to kick in. How long cannabinoids take to kick in varies from one individual to another, and many factors come into play. For instance, your metabolism is the most critical aspect of how long delta- 8 takes to work. If it processes the cannabinoid fast, you can look forward to the effects in no time. Meanwhile, people with slow metabolism must wait for a while before the cannabinoid effects can kick in. 

The potency of the delta- 8 edibles also matters. The more potent the cannabinoid, the more volatile the molecules are, and the faster you expect the effects to kick in. However, less potent delta- 8 edibles may need more time to produce desired effects. Moreover, your body composition and genetic makeup are also critical in how fast the effects can come. If they predispose you to a fast metabolism, you expect the effects to surface in no time. 

How long should delta- 8 effects last once they surface? Again, many factors come to play in determining this. First and foremost, how fast the effects take to come is important. If the cannabinoid kicks in fast, they will go as fast as they came. 

However, if you waited long on them, you can expect them to be long-lasting once they surface. Your metabolism also maters in how long the effects last. Fast metabolism compels the effects to come fast and last shortly, while slow metabolism means effects take long to come and disappear.


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