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During these tough Covid-19 times, you can earn extra cash courtesy of CBD affiliate programs. CBD brands want people who can market their CBD products to their audience, and you can take advantage of these opportunities to make money. This article looks at the best 12 CBD affiliate programs, helps you identify the program to join, and answers common questions people ask about CBD and CBD affiliate programs.

Have you ever come across cookies for other sites while on another site? Have you seen YouTube channels advertise some products as commercial breaks? These are examples of affiliate programs through which you earn cash. 

If you are a CBD enthusiast and know reputable brands whose terms you like, you can make cash by recommending the brand. However, you need to understand your audience well as you choose the brand you want to market, and when your follower or audience buys from that brand via your link or coupon code, you can earn a commission. 

Besides, affiliate programs allow you better terms, including insider access to CBD products, product samples, and viewing new products that are high in demand before any other person. In this article, you learn more about CBD affiliate programs, including how they work and how you benefit from the. It also discusses how to identify the best CBD affiliate program to join and the factors to consider while doing so.



CBD affiliate program might sound new to you but not the whole idea of affiliate programs.


CBD affiliate program might sound new to you but not the whole idea of affiliate programs. Have you ever referred a person to a brand or recommended a product to someone and earned through it? That was a case of earning commission with affiliate programs.  The affiliate programs involve working with CBD brands, recommending and marketing their products to your audience, and earning a commission when the recommended CBD products are bought. 

Like buying CBD products, being an affiliate of a CBD company can be challenging, following the many CBD companies in the hemp space. This article helps you find the best affiliate programs to go for.



We sampled 14 brands with the best terms for affiliate programs.


Whether you have joined the CBD regime or have never tried any CBD product, you agree that CBD has become incredibly popular over the years. For instance, it has become part of the kitchen where people add CBD oil to their drinks, beverages, and foods. 

The supplement world also appreciates CBD, and we see capsule, tincture, and gummy supplements with CBD as the primary compound. Hence, you may wonder, what is CBD and what is the deal with it? 

According to Massi et al. (2006) and Bauer et al. (2020), CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, especially in hemp plants. Cannabinoids are the active chemical compounds in cannabis plants. Nature has more than 100 cannabinoids, yet CBD remains active in all of them; why?



The primary reason many people go for CBD products is that they are non-psychoactive. Schlienz et al. (2018) described THC as the psychoactive cannabinoid and the very one linked to the high effect of smoking weed. Yet, CBD is unlike it, and using it in any of its delivery methods will not leave you feeling high. Besides, Watt & Karl (2017) stated that CBD is therapeutic and could help with almost every health challenge, and this seems to be another for taking CBD. 

A Forbes Health (2022) report stated that CBD is popular in the US, and more than 60% of adults are taking it in one of its forms for pain, sleep issues, anxiety, or other challenges. The 250+ CBD companies in the US explain without words that more and more are finding relatable, making the demand for the cannabinoid to be high.


With the great demand for CBD products comes the need for affiliate programs. People already know about CBD, and if they don’t know, they will go research it, at least before trying out a CBD regime. Affiliate programs come in handy to great traffic in an audience that already knows about CBD by marketing it. 

Affiliate programs are like TV adverts. Although some feature new products, most focus on what people already know and only try to convince them to buy the products. The better the quality of the products in question and the more the incentives that come with them, the more people are inclined to try them out. Although TV advert companies pay channels before people buy the advertised products, affiliate programs pay based on how much your marketing skills sell the products in question. The commission is 20%- 50% off total sales and some brands offer additional incentives as more sales are recorded.


CBD affiliate program might sound new to you but not the whole idea of affiliate programs.


CBD affiliate programs are simple and easy to earn with. Are you an influencer, YouTuber, or blogger? You could earn a lot of commission by joining one of the many CBD affiliate programs in the hemp space. For the most part, you will need to apply for the program, and if approved, you get a link or a coupon code for marketing the product. 

As people buy the CBD product(s) from the brand you are marketing using the code or the link, you use the same to track the purchase, and when it is complete, money is deposited to your account in terms of commission. Besides, some CBD brands give you a referral link that new buyers provide, allowing you to earn a commission from every first sale. Well-established CBD brands ensure that people get a commission for every sale, not only initial ones. 

They may also have plans for giving you bonus cash when you meet targets or perform exceptionally well. The other way to earn cash with CBD affiliate programs is using cookies. They typically last 30 days, and all you need to do is add them to your site and create traffic for them. When people buy the product you are marketing, you get a commission for this. CBD affiliate programs may have additional benefits, as later seen in this article.


We sampled 14 brands with the best terms for affiliate programs.


Joining a CBD affiliate program is one thing and making the products sell is another. The bridge between the two worlds is how you create traffic on whichever platform you use to market the product, whether Instagram, YouTube, or websites. Many CBD affiliates find SEO optimization a great idea to make the CBD products sell and earn with affiliate programs. Besides, doing a good background check helps you know your target audience and the products that would appeal to them. 

Matching the audience’s needs with the products is a key way to making CBD products sell through links and coupons, and a bad choice could also mean that you may not earn anything as an affiliate. Before joining any affiliate program, focus on your audience and study its needs.


What is the essence behind CBD affiliate programs? They sever to generate additional traffic to help a CBD company sell more products while helping you earn additional  cash through the program. Even if you don’t have a YouTube channel or website but have friends and family, CBD companies can offer you promo codes to earn commission through the affiliate programs. In short, people already know about CBD products; affiliate programs market the products to sell even more. 


Affiliate programs pay variedly based on the brand you are liaising with. Generally, 15%- 25% commission is good and fair, considering the work you do and how much the economic situation has tightened up. If you do a good marketing job, you definitely earn more since most programs have commissions directly proportional to the sales. Still, you may come across that offer up to 40% of the total purchases, but only on initial sales, so you have to keep marketing the product to earn more cash through newcomers. 

Some CBD brands have flat rates as the commission, say $20 or $40. Although this may seem fair or unfair depending on the sales value that may imply that you deserve more or less, they are great if you are just starting out as a CBD affiliate. 


Do you want to become part of a CBD affiliate program? You have some marketing to do to earn. Yet, many pros come with joining a CBD affiliate program. Remember, you may already have a YouTube channel or a website that allows you to earn cash, so CBD affiliate programs only help you generate extra cash. Besides, some companies offer insider information and early access to CBD products, a privilege only CBD affiliates benefit from. 

As if this is not enough, you receive sample products occasionally, meaning you could make CBD part of your regimen and consume it regularly without spending on them. If you are a CBD retailer and join an affiliate program by a CBD wholesaler, the brand may allow you discounts based on how much money the affiliate program helps you earn. 

Thus, there is every reason for you to join a CBD affiliate product, generate traffic, and earn for every new sale the company records courtesy of your marketing. Besides, marketing CBD products and earning through affiliate programs does not have to be hard, bearing in mind that the promo codes and coupons come with incentives. 

For instance, you might market a CBD product that comes with free shipping or certain discounts if the buyers meet a certain threshold. Thus, affiliate marketing in the CBD world is all about drawing people’s attention to how a brand is incentivizing buyers; hence it needs not to be some rocket science.


Do you want to join a CBD affiliate program and hopefully make some money with them? You need to know the challenges that face the arrangement. There are flaws even with the many pros and benefits surrounding the affiliate programs. 

For instance, while some companies allow you to withdraw what you have accumulated in your account at an appointed time, others have restrictions. For instance, you may not withdraw the cash if it is less than $100. In some cases, some brands offer low commission rates, say 5%. Such may take time to grow, and you may not be able to withdraw your cash as fast as you thought. 

Besides, not every CBD company offers incentives for marketing CBD products. Yet, if your audience is new to CBD and looks forward to incentives to buy from a brand, it might take long before you can earn from the affiliate program.


Since there are many CBD brands in the US and worldwide, you need to know how to identify a CBD brand whose affiliate program you will join. We do not use guesswork,

Study the payment structure of the brand whose affiliate program you want to join. Some companies pay people monthly, at the start or the end, while others pay bi-monthly; choose what is best for you.


and the brands below are not selected randomly. When identifying a CBD affiliate program to join, have the following in mind;

  1. Your target audience; study your audience to know what CBD products would be the best for them. For instance, you need a CBD brand with diverse CBD products if it comprises old people with health challenges. Meanwhile, a young audience with vapers would do well with a CBD brand offering high-quality vape oils, carts, and pens.
  2. Payment scheme; study the payment structure of the brand whose affiliate program you want to join. Some companies pay people monthly, at the start or the end, while others pay bi-monthly; choose what is best for you.
  3. Payment methods; some CBD brands pay through PayPal while others wire the cash, with some even doing a direct bank transfer. Yet, others allow you to redeem the earnings at the point of sale and pay less for the CBD products, so you need terms that match your needs. 
  4. Additional restrictions; as stated in the above section, some companies allow you to redeem what your account has accumulated regardless of the value, while for some, you have to attain a certain threshold to withdraw cash.
  5. Reputation; focus on CBD companies that boast a good market reputation. I mean, people are less likely to buy CBD products from a brand that gas issues occasionally and whose review section is filled with negative responses. 
  6. Commission rates; you are joining the affiliate program to earn cash, so you may want to choose CBD brands whose terms are rewarding. However, when new to the affiliate world, you may go for brands whose products sell fast even if the commission rates are lower than many other companies.
  7. Incentives; remember, people need to see value in your marketing skills and the products you are marketing. Besides quality products and a good market reputation, incentives will help you earn more from affiliate programs. 


Are you set to join CBD affiliate programs? We sampled 12 brands with the best terms for affiliate programs, and here they come. For a start, review their websites and confirm the terms, and finally settle on one.


If you have a review site, blog site, or YouTube channel, the JustCBD store has a good affiliate program. It has a 30-day cookie policy which is the same for most brands. 

You get a commission for purchases and can track sales using SKU, QR codes, links, and coupons. Besides, it keeps opening new product lines and demonstrates a great growth potential. Its 30-day money-back guarantee, discounts, and high-quality CBD products are among the many perks that draw people to its offers.

Nu-x is a reputable CBD company that started off with the ultimate goal of granting adults a healthy life with plant derivatives. It offers high-quality CBD capsules, gummies, pet items, and more and has some of the best terms for affiliate programs. 

It offers links to products, and if they sell, you find the information in the Referison dashboard. It offers a 20% commission on all purchases, and its cookies last 30 days, which is the standard rate.


LeafWell Botanicals has a mission of leveraging botanical science for self-care. It is committed to clean label production, and all its products are 100% organic; all the more, why it is a great brand you would join for CBD affiliate programs. It offers a 15% commission for all sales via the coupon and links, which is fair. 

You can track sales using a coupon code, and the brand is working on SKU. Being part of the company’s affiliate program allows you access to insider information.


Cannafyl offers some of the best and highest-quality CBD products. It is NCPA-certified, and all its products are tested by 3rd parties. Its Relaxed, Balanced, and relief CBD tinctures are among the best in the industry. 

The company offers 15% on affiliate sales, a 5% residual fee, and a 5% stand when a person joins the referral program with your link. Besides, all initial sales attract a 25% commission, which is more than lucrative.

PureKana is a reputable CBD brand since it uses the clean CO2 extraction method to strip CBD from the hemp surfaces and uses 100% organic US-sourced hemp for its processes. With a flat rate of 25% of all sales via affiliate, PureKana has some of the best CBD affiliate programs. 

Besides, you get even better terms as you refer more people to buy from the brand. Yet, you can only withdraw your cash when the account has at least $100, which happens every first day of the money. The brand has a 30-day cookie policy.


Extract Labs has established itself as a reputable player in the CBD world because of its unique formulations and 3rd party testing. Its CBD gummies, capsules, and vapes are high in quality and coke at affordable prices. As if this is not enough, the affiliate policies are fair. You can earn 20% of all sales, and the money is transferred to your bank directly once a month. It does not restrict the amounts you need to have accumulated for the cash to be transferred to your account.


Healthy Roots Hemp is a reputable CBD brand that saw its inception courtesy of a woman. It is WBNEC-certified and boasts high-quality CBD products made in-house. The company uses organic hemp for CBD manufacture, and all the items are free of chemicals, GMOs, and pesticides. Its affiliate programs attract 20% of coupon discounts and additional 10% commissions from non-affiliated sales courtesy of your affiliate link.

101CBD uses pure hemp for manufacturing CBD products. According to its website, it is committed to maintaining balance and steering the body into a natural healing process with its CBD products. Its affiliate program has somewhat different terms from what other brands offer. You get 25% discounts with coupon codes every time you buy a product from the brand. Besides, for every referral, you get $20 into your account.


Tillmans Tranquils is one of the reputable CBD companies known for delivering CBD to the system with taste and flavor. Besides, the company boasts high bioavailability, allowing it to deliver CBD to the system quickly and steer effects fast. When you apply for the affiliate program, your portfolio is reviewed, and a link is given to you. Every sale via your link attracts a 25% commission that you can redeem it once a month via PayPal.



Started by the Walker brothers, Hippi is known for high-quality CBD tea. Its most popular CBD tea is the Daydream Black CBD Tea, and the Caffeine-Free Herbal CBD Tea is also many people’s favorite pick. Its affiliate program is one of the best. It offers a 10% commission for all sales and has a cookie program that lasts 30 days.



Dr. Calmer’s is a brand that deals in CBD products designed to help reduce stress. Its most popular product is the Relax Sand, designed to ensure whole-body tactile sensation. Besides, it is flexible since you can use it anywhere anytime. The brand’s affiliate program attracts a 5% commission on all sales, and the cookies last 30 days.


Prest Organics is popular for offering quality cold-pressed CBD with superfood oils. Its cookie policy is one of the best, lasting for 365 days. Still, you get a flat rate of $40 for all sales. Prest Organics should be your ultimate choice if you are looking for a brand whose cookies last all year long.


CBD affiliate programs help you earn extra cash besides your main hustle. All you need is a cookie, link, or code, and use it to generate traffic for the CBD brand. As people buy the brand’s CBD products through your link, you earn through commission. Besides, you also get access to additional benefits, courtesy of the affiliate program. 

Such include access to limited products in high demand, discounted rates, free shipping, free product samples, and access to insider information. 

This article helps you know what to consider when identifying a CBD affiliate program and also shares information on the best brands with wonderful affiliate terms. 

Besides, it answers people’s common questions about CBD and CBD affiliate programs. Peering into it prepares you to start earning cash with CBD affiliate programs. 

Frequently Asked Questions about CBD Affiliate Programs

People have many questions about CBD. As more people embrace it, misconceptions surrounding it also increase. It is no wonder that people get it wrong sometimes and populate the idea better yet. Here are the common questions people ask about CBD;

CBD studies are limited, and much is yet to be understood about the cannabinoid, including how it works. At the moment, how CBD works is linked to an endocannabinoid system (ECS), a network of endocannabinoids, endocannabinoid receptors, and enzymes that fuel the process. According to Zou & Kumar (2018), critical processes like digestion, mood changes, and pain depend on the interaction of external cannabinoids like CBD with the ECS. Studies are yet to explain how exactly CBD interacts with the system since it does not seem to bind to the endocannabinoid receptors like THC.

There are many ways to explore the benefits of CBD. You can topically apply it to the skin and joints when you choose CBD creams and topicals to be your primary way to deliver the cannabinoid. You can also swallow CBD capsules, as many people do. 

Still, CBD oils and tinctures happen to be the primary way to deliver the cannabinoid to your system. Although bitter, they boast a high bioavailability, deliver CBD fast, and allow the effects to surface in no time. If you find it challenging to take any of the suggested methods to deliver CBD, you can try CBD edibles. 

They include gummies, cookies, brownies, and honey sticks, allowing you to enjoy CBD benefits with taste and flavor. It is worth noting that each method has pros and cons, and identifying them before settling for any delivery method prepares you to manage them.

According to the Forbes Health (2022) report, more than 60% of US adults are taking some form of CBD, and they believe in the cannabinoid being therapeutic for this or that. For instance, García-Gutiérrez et al. (2020) stated that CBD can fight anxiety, stress, and depression, which is why many people are into the cannabinoid for this reason. Costa et al. (2007) and Vučković et al. (2018) reported that CBD can fight inflammation and pain. Besides, according to Shannon et al. (2019), CBD can help with pain, sleep, and anxiety. While these studies have promising findings, more studies are needed to prove them true before recommending CBD for treating or healing anything.

The many benefits of CBD may make it seem like the cannabinoid has no side effects. Yet, like any other chemical compound you know about, CBD has issues affecting it. Some users have reported lost weight, appetite loss, or dry mouth, although signs are experienced more by cannabis users. Besides, insufficient scientific evidence for the CBD medical claims is a challenge; the cannabinoid promises heaven, but there isn’t enough evidence to support the claims. 

Another major issue with CBD is that the industry is largely unregulated. Following the lack of evidence to support the claims linked to CBD, the FDA has shied away from monitoring CBD brands and how they produce CBD. Consequently, many brands deal in substandard products, making people lose trust in CBD.  

Do you want to join the CBD regime and have no idea where to find CBD products? You can buy CBD online and in-store. You only need to search online for the best CBD brands, research their websites, and settle on one you will commit to buying CBD items. If your state considers CBD legal, you may find CBD in gas stations, major pharmacies, and health stores. Each method has pros and cons; you need to compare them before settling to buy CBD online or in-store.

Another major concern people have about CBD is how long it takes to work. Generally, the cannabinoid may take 15 minutes to 1 hour to kick in. Much depends on the method you have chosen for administering CBD. For instance, CBD vapes will only need a few minutes to relay effects, while gummies may take nearly an hour to produce the needed effects. Your CBD history and metabolism also affect the time CBD takes to work. Faster metabolism and long CBD history may translate to faster CBD effects.

If you are new to affiliation in the marketing world, you certainly have many questions about CBD affiliate programs. Here are the commonest concerns people have about CBD affiliate programs;


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