Delta- 8 gummies are becoming incredibly popular for delivering delta- 8 THC with taste and flavor to the body.

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If you find it challenging to take delta- 8 pills or take oils and tinctures because of being bitter and earthy, you can take delta- 8 gummies. They come in many flavors, shapes, and strengths, and this article helps you find the best 16 delta- 8 gummies to go for.


Before looking at delta-8 you really need to know and appreciate it.

Delta- 8 THC is many people’s favorite. While many people like CBD for its non-psychoactive effects, others like delta- 8 THC since it strikes a balance between the non-psychoactive CBD and the delta- 9 THC. 

It has high effects, but they are mild, all the more why people like the cannabinoid. There are many THC variants, and delta- 8 THC seems to be the most popular. In fact, the cannabinoid is becoming more available, and you can easily find its edibles online and in the physical stores. This article helps you find the best 16 brands to go for delta- 8 THC gummies. It also helps you know the criterion we use to choose our delta- 8 gummies that will help you while shopping for delta- 8 products. 

Besides, this article is about the common questions people have about delta- 8 gummies, and by the time you are done peering into it, you will be set to go shopping for these delta- 8 delicacies.

Why, though, do people relate to delta- 8 gummies this much? For the most part, they help deliver delta- 8 THC on style.


Before looking at delta- 8 gummies, you need to know and appreciate delta- 8 THC as the compound material. Cannabis plants have many active chemical compounds called cannabinoids. 

THC is one of the most popular cannabinoids, which Schlienz et al. (2018) defined as psychoactive. Psychoactive means that the cannabinoid causes the high effect experienced when smoking weed. Delta- 8 THC is just but one of the major variants of the psychoactive THC. 

Other are deltas- 9, 10, 27, and more. The THC variants are mostly natural, although some are synthetic. Besides, they come in different potencies since they bond differently despite having almost similar chemical structures. Delta- 8 THC, for instance, is less psychoactive than delta- 9, as Casajuana et al. (2018) noted. Therefore, it makes you high, but the effect is less strong than what delta- 9 THC offers.


Do you want to enjoy delta- 8 gummies for how popular they are becoming? You need to know them. Gummies are not any new; they have been in the supplement world for the longest time and will always be. Delta- 8 gummies are sweet, chewable products with a delta- 8 infusion. Like the normal gummies used as supplements, they come in multiple shapes, strengths, colors, and sizes. 

Some of the delta- 8 gummies in this article are also packed with vitamins, making them ideal for vitamin-deficient people. Still, this does not mean that you can take delta- 8 gummies as a supplement.


Whether you want to shop delta- 8 gummies online or in physical stores, you can always find them. Although they are not as popular as CBD, which Watt & Karl (2017) found therapeutic, their availability and popularity are remarkable. 

Why, though, do people relate to delta- 8 gummies this much? For the most part, they help deliver delta- 8 THC on style. You have no worries about some nasty hemp aftertaste or struggling to swallow delta- 8 pills; the gummies are more than convenient. 

Their availability also makes people like them. Buying delta- 8 gummies online presents you with multiple choices, but when you have no time to order them online, you can walk into a gas station or a cannabis dispensary and will easily find them. As if this is not enough, delta- 8 gummies have focused on what was already in the industry; gummies are not any new, and people can relate to them really fast.

One thing you will certainly enjoy about delta- 8 gummies is the great variety that comes with them.


First things first, you need to understand how delta- 8 gummies work before exploring them. In fact, you need not spend your money on something whose functioning you don’t understand. According to Mechoulam & Parker (2013), cannabinoids like THC and CBD interact with the body through a network called the endocannabinoid system (ECS), comprising endocannabinoids, endocannabinoid receptors, and enzymes.

You are in the right place; this article helps you find the 16 best brands to visit for the delicious edibles.

Researching the ECS, Zou & Kumar (2018) found that many body processes, including digestion, reproduction, mood changes, and pain regulation, depend on the ECS, and a slight disruption in the system can cause unstable equilibrium in the body. This is when external cannabinoids like THC come in. For instance, Aizpurua-Olaizala et al. (2017) reported that like THC, delta- 8 THC binds to the ECS receptors. 

The binding on the CB1 and CB2 receptors offsets the initial state of imbalance, resulting in the positive effects linked to delta- 8 THC. When you eat one of two delta- 8 gummies, they go through the digestive tract, and the delta- 8 THC cannabinoid is released to the system for the above interaction. Still, more studies are needed to prove the existence of the ECS and that its interaction can result in positive effects.


Delta- 8 gummies and other delivery methods are expensive because of the high demand surrounding them. Many people believe in the delta- 8 gummies and are after the gummies for it. Is delta- 8 THC really therapeutic? Kruger & Kruger (2022) conducted a study on the comparison between deltas- 8 and -9 and commented that the former is therapeutic. 

Still, they stated that delta- 8 has not been studied exhaustively, and more research is needed to prove its therapeutic effects. Elsewhere, Bergeria et al. (2022) also reported that delta- 8 THC is therapeutic and can help with a range of health challenges; nonetheless, it is not prudent to recommend delta- 8 gummies for treating anything because the FDA has not approved of such use, and the studies on the cannabinoid are limited in scope and number.


One piece of information that we look for in the CoA is the contaminant purity. This blog ensures that the recommended brands have pure gummies without industrial solvents, toxins, or additional standard contaminants.”



Are you ready to buy delta-8 gummies? You are in the right place; this article helps you find the 16 best brands to visit for the delicious edibles. Before then, this section helps you know some benefits related to the cannabinoid in general and its gummies, to be specific. Still, we do not mean delta- 8 gummies can treat or heal any of these. Here are the benefits linked to the edibles;

  • Better Focus 

Many people take delta- 8 gummies when tired and expect an uplift from the edibles. In fact, most delta- 8 websites feature positive comments from clients who find delta- 8 gummies appealing to their needs. According to Schlienz et al. (2018), THC is psychoactive. The high effect might mean a start of a better focus for many delta- 8 THC gummy users. McCoy et al. (2018) stated that cannabinoids could improve your life quality, all the more why people from the US and all over the world opt for delta- 8 gummies. 

  • Better Sleep

Many delta- 8 fans are into the cannabinoid to manage sleep issues. In fact, some brands infuse melatonin and other compounds in the delta- 8 gummies to supposedly boost their sleep benefits. Still, you may wonder if delta- 8 THC can improve one’s sleep on its own. According to Bergeria et al. (2022), delta- 8 THC has many therapeutic effects, and people observe positive results when used on insomnia and other sleep challenges. We need more scientific evidence on this to prove the cannabinoid’s sleep benefits.

  • Pain Management

People take CBD gummies to manage pain. Vučković et al. (2018) looked at CBD studies on pain from 1975 to March 2018 and reported that the cannabinoid could help with chronic and acute pain. Can you eat delta- 8 THC gummies and expect them to have pain-relieving benefits? Kruger &Kruger (2022) and Bergeria et al. (2022) state that delta- 8 THC can manage pain as part of its therapy. Still, the FDA has not approved the use of delta- 8 THC for pain, although many brands claim that their gummies are designed to fight pain. 

  • Managing Depression 

Delta- 8 THC gummies are among the many products claimed to help with depression. In fact, some brands state on the product labels that the gummies or other delta- 8 THC deliverables can improve depression. 

Still, it is unclear if the antidepressant properties result from delta- 8 or the additional ingredients in the gummies. Therefore, while you may want to take delta- 8 gummies for depression, it is worth noting that the positive claims do not have enough scientific backup.


One thing you will certainly enjoy about delta- 8 gummies is the great variety that comes with them. The brands mentioned in this article to be offering the best delta- 8 gummies offer multiple flavors, strengths, colors, and shapes for the gummies. 

Thus, whether you are a newcomer to the delta- 8 THC empire or are trying the cannabinoid for the millionth time, you can always find something for yourself. Besides, there are vegan options for the delta- 8 gummies, and if you want such, you only need to filter your searches a little. We cannot also overlook the fact that gummies are an easy-go-for option. 

When traveling with delta- 8 gummies, you need not worry about extraordinary packaging. The jar with the gummies offers them good protection, and you need not hassle a lot. Do you struggle dosing delta- 8 tinctures and oils and still find them bitter and earthy? Delta- 8 THC gummies ensure dosage flexibility; you can double delta- 8 per your needs. 

Besides, the flavored options mask off the biter and earthy taste of delta- 8 oils, allowing you to enjoy related effects most enjoyably.


With much having been said about delta- 8 THC gummies, they may seem like the perfect option to go for when looking for delta- 8 THC benefits. Still, it is worth noting that they come with flaws. For instance, if you want a delivery method that allows you to enjoy delta- 8 benefits almost immediately, the gummies will not be your best pick. 

They are sweet and delicious, but as they go through the digestive system for the cannabinoid to be released into the system, they lose their potency. 

They are also not 100% bioavailable, meaning you do not benefit from all the delta- 8 THC in them. As if this is not enough, delta- 8 gummies are tempting, and one can easily take more than the body can take. If you have issues with controlling your cravings, edibles like delta- 8 THC might not be the best option for you. You would rather go for oils and tinctures, which are bitter and earthy but have no snacking temptation. 

The insufficient evidence on delta- 8 and its claimed benefits also affect the gummies. Although they seem to have more to offer to the body, the claims are yet to be confirmed. It is no wonder many users choose to take it slow on the gummies, at least until studies clear all doubts. 


With many delta- 8 gummies in the cannabis space, the best is not an easy task. Besides, the lack of regulation in the hemp space means that many companies may produce substandard products and get away with them anyway. Our criteria for finding the best delta- 8 gummies is efficient and focuses on the following factors, which you might also want to pay attention to as you shop for the best delta- 8 edibles;

  1. Source of delta- 8 THC; we only suggest buying delta- 8 gummies that source the cannabinoid from hemp plants. Although the Farm Bill made products with less than 0.3% THC legal at federal levels, they must be hemp-sourced.
  2. Origin of hemp; using hemp for manufacturing delta- 8 THC gummies is not enough; the company in use needs to specialize in US-sourced hemp to boost the gummies’ safety profile.
  3. 3rd party tests; we focus on brands that conduct 3rd party tests on the delta- 8 THC gummies to prove their transparency and reputation in the hemp space.
  4. The presence of a CoA; all the brands whose delta- 8 THC gummies have been recommended in this article do not only claim to conduct 3rd party tests but provide proof of the test, which is a CoA uploaded on its website.
  5. THC potency: delta- 8 gummies make you high because they have THC, but the total concentration is less than 0.3% of the dry weight.
  6. Delta- 8 THC potency; when buying delta- 8 gummies, ensure that you focus on potencies that match your needs, neither too low nor too high.
  7. Contaminant purity; one piece of information that we look for in the CoA is the contaminant purity. This blog ensures that the recommended brands have pure gummies without industrial solvents, toxins, or additional standard contaminants.


With the basic information about delta- 8 gummies as shared above, you are set to shop for the edibles. Based on the criteria in the foregoing section, the following are the best delta- 8 gummies you may want to shop for. 


JustDelta is a subsidiary brand under the large umbrella of the mighty JustCBD store. Having been in operation in the cannabis space since 2017, the company has every reason to win clients’ trust. The delta- 8 gummies from JustDelta are great and feature 25 mg delta- 8 potency. 

They come in unflavored and flavored options, and you can enjoy the watermelon, birthday cake, and strawberry-flavored gummies. The brand offers you multiple options to save on cost, including free shipping.


PureKana started as a CBD company and has expanded to feature delta- 8 products, including gummies on its inventory. Its gummies are 25 mg potent, making them great for veterans and novices. They are flavored, and buying them allows you to get free shipping for all orders. Through subscription plants, PureKana allows you to save on costs since you get up to 20% off the total purchase.


Everest is trending for offering the best delta- 8 gummies that will not disappoint you. Each pack features a 600 mg delta- 8 THC concentration with 30 gummies, resulting in 20 mg delta- 8 THC potent edibles. 

All gummies are 3rd party tested, and the results are posted online for easy viewership. They come in flavored options, and you can enjoy them in blue raspberry, watermelon, and peach flavors.


Exhale Wellness has a large inventory with delta- 8 gummies as some of the most bough sought for products. The delta- 8 gummies sell for $59-95- $99.95, and have a 750 mg- 1500 mg delta- 8 THC concentration range. They come in multiple flavored options, including peach, raspberry, and watermelon options. The gummies are vegan; any orders come with free shipping.


Diamond CBD is one of the major players in the CBD space. Besides multiple CBD products, it also offers high-quality delta- 8 THC gummies. They have a large potency range of 300 mg- 5000 mg concentration, allowing veterans and novices to have their potencies. 

Like most brands in this article, the gummies are multi-flavored and come in watermelon, tropical, granddaddy purple, and pineapple express, among many other options. The wide price range of $49.95- $292.42 allows users with varying purchasing powers to get something that meets their needs.


As the name suggests, Comfortably Numb offers high-quality delta- 8 gummies claimed to help with comfort and focus. They are low in potency at 200 mg concentration and ideal for newcomers in the delta- 8 regime. 

They have a perfect blend of CBD, CBN, and THC, allowing the users to benefit from these compounds in one package. All the gummies are 3rd party tested, and the results are posted online. 


BudPop is a major THC player and deals in 25 mg delta- 8 THC potent gummies. It conducts 3rd party tests for them and posts the results on its website. 

Through a subscription plan, it allows buyers to save up to 25% on every sale. The Blue Dream berry gummies are made from 100% pure hemp and are vegan-friendly. The tint of sweet and sour makes them mouth-watering, and many buyers seek for them.


Initially called Delta Effex, Delta Extrax offers high-quality delta- 8 gummies in the full-spectrum formulation. They are outstanding for the tint of terpenes in them, allowing delta- 8 THC users to experience a full entourage of many compounds. They have god packaging and make it for people who travel with delta- 8 edibles. At 75 mg delta- 8 potency, the gummies are ideal for veteran THC users.


Did you know hemp plants have flavonoids and terpenes other than THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids? The terpenes allow users to enjoy additional benefits than what THC and CBD offer. Each gummy has 30 mg of delta- 8 THC, which is potent enough for veteran and novice users. Besides, the company offers gummies with cannabis indica and other strains of the cannabis class.


Delta- 8 Pro gummies are based on studies like McCoy et al. (2018), which find cannabinoids good for improving quality of life. They are packed with terpenes for additional benefits and feature many flavors, including cotton candy, blackberry, watermelon, and raspberry. Although they are a bit expensive, the 3rd party test results posted on the company’s website show that they offer worth for every penny one pays for. 


Although Finest Labs is fairly new in the hemp space, the high quality of its products is the main reason people love their gummies. The delta- 8 gummies are 100% organic, made from pure hemp, and 3rd party tested with results posted on the company’s website. The gummies are vegan, all the more why many delta- 8 fans find it appealing. At 250 mg delta- 8 THC concentration, the 10-piece packs have gummies with 10 mg delta- 8 potency.


Do you feel like taking high-quality delta- 8 gummies with all-natural ingredients? Bay Smokes would be your company of interest. The gummies are all-vegan, and feature pectin as an alternative to the animal-based gelatin. A pack of the gummies has 16 pieces and is 400 mg delta- 8 THC concentrated, translating to 25 mg delta- 8 THC potency. 


Premium Jane delta- 8 THC gummies come in 625 mg concentrations. Each pack has 25 gummies, translating to a 25 mg delta- 8 THC potency, great for newcomers and veterans. 

They are made from all-natural ingredients and 100% organic hemp. All orders are shipped for free, and a 30-day money-back guarantee accompanies them. You can enjoy the gummies in mango, watermelon, and birthday cake flavors. 


The San Diego-based Vida Optima is one of the companies whose delta- 8 THC products are highly rated. 

For instance, the brand’s Elev8 gummies feature broad-spectrum formulations and allow users to benefit from the multiple compounds in them. 

They are delta- 9 THC-free, hence no intense high effect, and the terpenes in them add extra benefits. Each gummy is 10 mg delta- 8 THC potent and is great for novices. 


If you want to enjoy delta- 8 THC gummies and save some bucks, you can buy Boston Hempire’s 250 mg delta- 8 THC concentrated gummies. 

They come in 2- or 18- piece packs, and you can choose the option that allows you to save on cost. Besides, the brand offers multiple discounts and subscription plants, through which you can save on costs. 

The gummies are all watermelon-flavored with natural flavorings.


Barely Legal delta- 8 THC gummies come in mixed fruit, cherry, strawberry, and green apple-flavored options. 

They have a wide delta- 8 THC concentration range of 200 mg- 1000 mg, and each gummy is 25 mg potent. 

Through the company’s subscription plan, you can save up to 30% on every sale. According to the company’s website, you can enjoy a tint of mild high effect with a mix of fine buzz.


Delta- 8 THC is one of the two cannabinoids that are growing in popularity, the other being CBD. Its gummies are delicious, sweet, and are a great way to deliver delta- 8 THC to the body. They come in multiple color, flavor, and shape options, allowing people who fancy variety to find something that matches their needs. 

This article shares tips on finding the best delta- 8 gummies and gives you the list of the best edibles in the delta- 8 market. It also features the criterion used in choosing the gummies, which will help you when shopping for them. 

It wraps everything up by addressing the common questions people have about delta- 8 THC gummies, including how many ones should take, how long they take to kick in, if they make you high, and whether they show up in drug tests. Peering into this article helps you get every piece of information you need before settling to buy delta- 8 gummies.

Frequently Asked Delta- 8 Gummy Questions

People ask many questions about delta- 8 THC gummies, including;

Do you anticipate a drug test in the near future? You want to know whether taking delta- 8 gummies will make you fail the tests. 

First, you need to understand how drug tests work. They mainly focus on THC and its metabolites. Since delta- 8 is a THC variant, it releases THC metabolites in the system and will show up in drug tests.

According to Schlienz et al. (2018) and Casajuana et al. (2018), THC and delta- 8 are psychoactive. This means that they have an inherent high effect present in delta- 8 gummies. Thus, you need to go slow on the gummies and take only one or a few to avoid getting the high effect out of control. The more gummies you eat, the more concentrated delta- 8 THC gets into your system and the greater the high feeling.

If you go out to buy delta- 8 gummies, you might have noticed that delta- 9 gummies are also part of the inventory. In fact, even if you shop for your delta- 8 gummies online, you might have come across brands that also stock delta- 9 gummies. Of course, the two are THC variants and have a high effect. Still, Casajuana et al. (2018) reported that the high effect of delta- 9 THC is stronger than delta- 8. Although they feature similar chemical structures, the molecules bond differently, resulting in the different psychoactivity.

Delta- 8 gummies are becoming incredibly popular, and you find them almost everywhere. For instance, states that have legalized recreational cannabis have delta- 8 gummies in the gas stations. Besides, the cannabis shops that stock CBD products may also have delta- 8 gummies as part of the inventory. Do you fancy online shopping? You can visit delta- 8 and CBD brands for delta- 8 gummies. 

In fact, all the companies in this blog sell their delta- 8 gummies online, and you can visit their website for the gummies. Unfortunately, there is no one best way to shop for delta- 8 gummies. Online shopping offers you multiple discounts and the convenience of enjoying delta- 8 gummies without having to walk to the stores and line up. Meanwhile, it is hard to prove the legitimacy of the many claims of online companies. Visiting delta- 8 stores for delta- 8 THC gummies saves you the need to pay the delivery fee, but you have to line up to source the gummies, and not every question you have bout the gummies will be satisfactorily answered. 

After eating delta- 8 gummies, how long can you wait before the effects surface? Well, there is no one exact time the cannabinoid takes to surface in all THC users. One person might feel the effects in 30 minutes, while another might have to wait for 1 hour or so before the cannabinoid kick. 

Many factors, including one’s delta- 8 THC metabolism, the potency of the gummies one took, how many gummies one has taken, and how full the stomach was as you took the gummies. Generally, faster metabolism and higher potencies may mean experiencing delta- 8 effects fast. Still, in others, the effects are not linked to the potency of delta- 8 gummies or how many you took, and may take long to surface.

Another common question many delta- 8 THC gummy fans ask is how long the effects last once they surface. Are you going to feel high for 10 minutes, 1 hour, or 3 hours? Many factors come to play when looking at the length or longevity of delta- 8 effects. If they come after a few minutes of eating delta- 8 gummies, they may not last long. Besides, high metabolism also means that the effects come fast and disappear fast. Body composition aspects like weight and genes also influence metabolism, how long the effects take to surface, and how long they take to disappear.

How many delta- 8 THC gummies should you take to feel the desired effects? One delta- 8 fan may take one while another may take three or more comfortably. What causes the variation in the number of gummies one can take? The delta- 8 THC gummy potency matters. For instance, you can take 2 or 3 gummies, each being 5 mg delta- 8 potent. However, you may just need 1 delta- 8 gummy to feel the expected effects if the edibles are 50 mg potent. Your delta- 8 experience and metabolism all matter in determining how many gummies you can take. High delta- 8 metabolism and years of experience taking delta- 8 gummies may mean that you can take more gummies than another user with low metabolism and who is new to the delta- 8 THC regime. 

Before you choose which delta- 8 gummies to go for, you need to understand the concept of delta- 8 potencies. Potency denotes the delta- 8 THC concentration per gummy and is determined by dividing the total delta- 8 THC concentration by the gummies in the jar. Gummies can be low-, medium-, or high-potency, depending on the total delta- 8 THC they have. 

For instance, 5 mg, 10 mg, and 30 mg potent gummies are low, medium, and high in potency, respectively. No one delta- 8 potency fits all delta- 8 fans. Rather, much depends on your delta- 8 metabolism, years of delta- 8 experience, and why you are taking the gummies. If you are a novice user, you may need to take it slow on the delta- 8 potencies and stick to the low-potency options until you get used to delta- 8.

Instead of spending your hard-earned cash on delta- 8 THC gummies and rubbing shoulders the wrong way with the authority, you need to know the legal status of the gummies. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp and all its derivatives are legal at federal levels as long as they have less than 0.3% THC. 

Thus, as long as the delta- 9 THC concentration in your delta- 8 gummies is less than 0.3%, the gummies are regarded as legal. Still, there is more to the legal status of delta- 8 THC. The DEA released new regulations stating that all synthetic cannabinoids are illegal. Thus, delta- 8 gummies may only be legal if they are natural and hemp-sourced. Besides, remember that state cannabis laws vary, and while one state may consider recreational cannabis like delta- 8, some regard it as illegal.


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